The AmbarEla Story

The Concept

AmbarEla was conceived as a project, to add some love and style to our 60 year old umbrella manufacturing company. 
The idea arose from the need of a designer umbrella, that actually enhances an attire; something that would be a pleasure to carry and not quickly be tucked away. The AmbarEla, is a unique and sustainable couture umbrella, that actually survives heavy rainfall, doesn’t flip over, keeps your head cooler in the sun; and also makes for a stylish fashion accessory, that you can flaunt!

The Name

The Name: ‘Ambar’ meaning sky, and ‘Ela’ meaning earth, are both elements of nature. The AmbarEla logo is derived from the alchemical symbols of air, water and earth. The vast skies and Earth are brought together in union, by a third element- The glorious rain! It is this union, that AmbarEla celebrates!

The journey of designing, creating and witnessing the thrill that every AmbarEla is received with, is truly unique and gratifying. Let’s introduce you to the line-up of our signature styles, so you can share the joy of these exclusive couture umbrellas.

The Signature Collection

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