1. Can an AmbarEla be used during rains?

Yes. An AmbarEla is not just a parasol or a show umbrella. It has been designed with features, materials and framework to endure harsh monsoon rainfall. They are also great for sun protection.


2. Why isn't an AmbarEla foldable?

Firstly, foldable umbrellas collapse easily in strong winds. It would be unfortunate if all the craft that's on it would go to waste with the breakage of the inner frame. To avoid this, we stick to using sturdy frames that are more durable. Secondly, our designs require a certain dome shaped form to give it a truly vintage feel. Foldable umbrellas are almost flat and do not suit the design aesthetics of AmbarEla.


3. What is the quality of an AmbarEla like?

We are always striving to improve the features and overall quality of our AmbarElas. The current frames are made of fibre and are more flexible. They sustain strong winds that accompany the monsoon rains, preventing flip overs.


4. I would hate to take it out in the rain! Won’t the AmbarEla get spoilt?

All fabrics used on the AmbarEla are meant to endure rainfall. They are constructed with higher quality fabric and the trims are non-absorbent in nature. The AmbarEla is also known to lift your spirits, so once you start using one, you wouldn't want to use any other.


5. Can we customize an AmbarEla?

Yes, we can! Let us know if you need an AmbarEla for a special occasion or simply because you have a creative imagination, and we’ll help you put together an exclusive piece that will remain unique to you.


6. How can one maintain an AmbarEla?

Like with other umbrellas, make sure you dry your AmbarEla after every use. Strapping up a wet Umbrella will keep the moisture trapped inside and this can cause quicker wear and tear. To quick dry it, you can leave it suspended anywhere under a fan.


7. Isn't AmbarEla a seasonal product?

Besides the monsoons, we now have untimely rain and the AmbarEla is therefore a perfect accessory to have as a part of your wardrobe, so you can be rain-ready anytime. It can also be used on a sunny day to filter out the harsh rays. The AmbarEla also serves as a fun prop for pictures and shoots. Moreover, you can get creative and use your AmbarEla as elegant décor for your home and certain occasions. Feel free to connect with us for tips.


8. Do you ship AmbarElas to other cities?

Yes! We are happy to deliver your chosen AmbarEla to your doorstep. If this is a gift, we add in some special touches like a personalized message and a floral tie up. The AmbarEla is shipped in a hard board tube to avoid any damage in transit.


9. How heavy is an AmbarEla?

Most AmbarElas are lighter than regular metal frame folding umbrellas.


10. How do I carry an AmbarEla around?

Each AmbarEla comes with its own waterproof sling bag that can be worn comfortably on your shoulder like a hand bag. Feel free to carry it with you on flights whenever you're travelling. It’s extremely easy and comfortable to carry around and makes for great travel pictures!