The Royal Blush

Did you know that the significance of flowers at weddings has their roots in ancient history?

In Ancient Rome, Brides carried flowers or wore floral garlands believing that it was symbolic of fidelity, fertility and new beginnings.

With this AmbarEla, feel the softness of sun rays at dawn, as you cover yourself under beautiful blush pink and white flowers. The long flower and pearl strings at the ends of this extremely sheer umbrella will add a filter of love on everything you see through it.

Match with deep red or any pastel shade ensemble or get in touch with us to customize your very own wedding umbrella!

An AmbarEla is not a factory-made product. Each wedding umbrella is unique, individually cut and hand-crafted by a skilled couture craftsman and demands more time than some garments. The beauty of each of our pieces lies in the individually sourced flowers, lace and trims, which gives every woman an umbrella that is distinct and unique.

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